Here's what people are saying about Israel The Lord's Chosen People.

"A prodigious and seminal work, very scholarly, doctrinally sound, highly readable. A panoramic view of the plan of salvation is presented in which the role of Israel and their special relationship with the Savior is broadly and deeply explored. The book is heavily laced with important and authoritative quotes from the scriptures and the prophets. These references are seamlessly woven together with narrative that is very well written, making the whole highly readable. My reading experience was both intellectually rewarding and spiritually satisfying. "Israel, God's Chosen People" occupies a special place in my gospel works library. I give it a five star plus, rating." - Jay B. Jensen, M.D.

"Israel the Lord's Chosen People gives every person a deeper understanding of their covenants, their divine heritage and destiny, a knowledge of each person's great worth in the eyes of God, and each person's individual role in the great plan of life. Not only does Dellas Lee give an excellent explanation of the subject matter, but gives each reader a life-changing vision of their mortal mission. Definitely on my "re-read often" list. Extremely uplifting." - Grant

"... It is a marvelous work and a wonder! ... I am reading three books simultaneously, so I have only read about 250 pages, and even with that small example, I see that it is a master piece in gospel knowledge. I read a lot, so I know quite a bit, but this has expanded my gospel knowledge in certain areas by leaps and bounds." - Margaret